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Episode #3 - Dr William Makis & Jason Christoff

Episode #3 - Dr William Makis & Jason Christoff

The Scrum Den with Neil McDougall

Our two experts this week, have found themselves at the center of Covid Intelligence right now. Dr William Makis’ work, research and evidence is going viral around Turbo-Cancers, Vaxx Injuries, Immuno Effects and consistent Vile DNA Contamination. Jason Christoff is a regular speaker in European Parliaments in Covid Councils, explaining to their members how the mind-control and propaganda throughout the ‘Plandemic’ successfully hood-winked the world.

The discussion begins with the evidence of global awakening Dr Makis is able to see through his viral posts of the facts. The conversation leads to the levels of control and mass-psychosis particularly among Canadian Physicians right now. The dialogue closes with an open discussion around possible course-corrections and considerations.

The course-correction conversations always seem to lead toward re-establishing a Christian Ethic or Morality as Ireland and Italy have been in the past, and Hungary has done more recently. Bishop Williamson says, ‘Theology trumps politics every time’. Dr E Michael Jones and Bishop Williamson adhere to the same Philosophy, ‘Historical Thomism’ and Ethic ‘Traditional Catholicism’ and can envision the course-correction required.

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Dr William Makis

Radiologist, Oncologist, Cancer Researcher, Author of 100+ publications. Chief of Oncology at The Wellness Company. Top Substack Author. Twitter.

Jason Christoff

Self-Sabotage coach. Offering solutions to social decay due to psychological manipulation. Runs an International School on the topics of Mind Control, Brainwashing, Behavior Modification & Manipulation.

Neil McDougall
Host & Facilitator. Neil is an international management consultant with a strength in leading Collaborative Seminars and Workshops worldwide. Neil comes from a technology background (same alma mater in Kingston, Ontario as Elon Musk), and has focused on Strategies in his consulting experience including enabling Corporate Processes like Cross-Functional Collaborative Work-Teams.

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